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Hey just want to let everyone know that after so long I decided to open commissions up again....yay! This time Im not using points im gonna be doing cash so paypal only.

Chibi $5
Waist-up $10
Fullbody $15
Cover art or something like that $25
Additional characters will be $5

Backgrounds will be transparent (except cover art)

When you want to make an order please send me a note with what you want, character description, etc(character sheets and refernces would actually be REALLY helpful). Again PAYPAL ONLY. Also I will not start on your commission until I have recieved payment once I do I will begin the rough sketch and later note it to you for your approval before finalizing it.

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Still trying to get this art stuff right >3<


Fake Teaser by Heuring
Fake Teaser
I got bored and wanted to do a practice on coverart.....I guess it looks okay. I really like the flowers though

character (c) :iconheuring:
Girl and Death by Heuring
Girl and Death
Shipped. So. Hard. >3

Briana (c) :iconheuring:
Death (c) :icongabrielraven:
DW 11 by Heuring
DW 11
This page would have been done earlier today was such a nice day outside, and having to work constantly and with the summer being horribly hot.....I couldn't resist the opportunity to go outside, pull up a chair and read a book under the tree with the cool breeze. I even took a nap XD Aside from that, once it got dark I got back on and hurried myself to complete this page for you guys. Hope you like it.

DW (c) :iconheuring:
Rena walked towards Satan’s throne room. It was a dark red cavern that she crossed, and with each step she took, she felt a chill run down her spine. Despite her hatred for the monster at the end of the hallway, she knew his power…what he was capable of. She could also feel his rage. All of Hell shook with it. Rena didn’t fear Satan’s anger…rather she feared his happiness. If Satan was happy, it meant someone was suffering. The fact that he was angry meant she was doing something right.
“Something’s wrong…” She whispered. It was an odd feeling. She always hated Satan, and she felt great rage whenever she was near his presence…but this feeling she was experiencing. This was not what she was used to! It was like the rage was bubbling up in her chest and flowing through her like her very blood. She wasn’t just angry…she felt a loathing like nothing she’d felt before. If she was armed, she’d have to fight herself just to keep from striking the devil. She tried to control this malice in her being and she knocked on the door.

“ENTER!” Rena obeyed the command and entered the great throne room of the devil himself. He sat upon his throne, his eye twitching with frustration and his temple pulsing with anger. His teeth were bared and his knuckles were white from gripping his throne too tightly. Standing by the throne was what looked to be a 30 year old man. He had a chubby build and a very gruff demeanor. He was looking even more frustrated than Lucifer.
“Rena…General of Wrath, thank you for coming.” Lucifer growled. “I’m sure you are familiar with our guest?” Rena looked to the man next to him and shrugged.
“Forgive me, my king…but I do not know him.”
“He is one of the Great Four…The Horseman, Famine.” Rena’s eyes widened. So this was Famine? She’d heard stories of the Four Horsemen, but this was not what she expected. She expected a mighty warrior clad in armor and wielding a mighty weapon…not this fat oddball. However, this would explain why she felt so much more rage than normal when she was around him. Rena fed off of rage and righteous anger…and Famine intensified this with his mere presence. This was a being not to be underestimated.
“It is an honor, Mighty Famine.” Rena said politely, giving a bow. Famine snorted and glared at Lucifer.
“This girl is not what I came here for, Lucifer. You’re trying my patience.” Famine scoffed. Lucifer waved his hand dismissively.
“Calm yourself, I’m dealing with this.” He snapped. “Rena, Famine here has come to my domain in search of his ring…and I can’t help but wonder what you know about it.” Rena shook her head and looked from Famine to Lucifer, masking her anger behind her grin.
“A ring? My word…that sounds terrible. What on earth is a Horseman without their ring but merely an overly superfluous horseback rider?” Rena regretted her snarky comments almost the moment she said them. The rage on Famine’s face flared to life and he darted forward, striking Rena across the face. Rena let out a yelp of pain and stumbled backwards.

“That’s enough, Famine.” Lucifer barked. Famine stepped back a little and then turned to Lucifer.
“You would do well to remember your place as well, oh Fallen Angel. You are not my superior…I answer to no one!” Famine barked. Lucifers anger flared once more and he stood up, causing the flames in the hall to burst to life with new found aggression.
“Watch your tongue, Horseman! You have power, but this is MY KINGDOM!” Famine shut his mouth, but he did not show fear towards the King of Darkness. Rena was just watching and trying hard not to laugh. Though he was maintaining a good stance, it was clear that Lucifer was not happy about Famine being in his throne room and challenging his authority. Lucifer turned back to Rena.
“I am no fool, my General of Wrath. You were not with the other Generals when the ring of Famine passed through Hell. You know where it is. Who took it, Rena?”
“How do you know SHE is not the criminal?” Famine ordered.
“I would never dream of stealing your ring Lord Famine.” Rena answered mockingly.
“My generals are not common thieves, Famine. Rena would not steal your ring. However, I believe she knows how did.” Lucifer growled. “Now speak, Rena…where is the ring?” Rena felt herself stumbling over her words. If Lucifer found out that she had indeed stolen the ring, then he’d leave her fate in Famine’s hands…and she dreaded to think what the Horseman might do to her given the chance. There was only one hope…she had to use Famine’s greatest fear against him. Those who knew of the Horsemen knew of Famine…the youngest brother.
“I believe I saw it in the hands of another Horseman.” Rena stated snidely. “He rode…a crimson horse.” The mention of the color caused the Famine’s own face to lose its color. His lip began to quiver like a frightened child and he looked around in fright.
“W-War? He’s here?!”
“I did not sense his presence…are you certain of this Rena?”
“I cannot be certain, my King…but as he rode through, the demons of hell began to stir with conflict, and began to fight amongst themselves.” This lie seemed to quell all doubt in Famine’s mind, as he quickly began to shiver.
“That’s him...War took my ring! Damn it! DAMN IT ALL!” Famine roared. “What does he want now!? Another one of his games, I imagine!? Where was he headed? TELL ME!” Rena shrugged.
“He went into the human world I think…but I don’t know. I didn’t want to follow him.” Famine turned to Lucifer with a frightened look in his eye.
“I must…I must go now, Lucifer. Farewell.” With that, Famine vanished from the throne room, leaving Lucifer and Rena together alone. Rena felt her rage subsiding a little at Famine’s departure. She couldn’t help but laugh a little at the mayhem she caused.

“Do you think this is amusing?” Lucifer spat. “A Horseman was just in MY throne room giving ME orders!”
“…Forgive me, my King.” Rena said darkly.
“Forgive? FORGIVE!? DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TOO!? I DO NOT FORGIVE, I PUNISH!” Lucifer roared. The fires around him raged around him and he leaped to his feet.
“My King, I did not mean to-”
“To WHAT exactly? Steal a ring from one of the Horsemen!? I know it was you…I know you are behind it! Why you did it, I do not know, nor do I care. HOW DARE YOU BRING ONE OF THOSE MONSTERS HERE! Are you senseless? The Horsemen are not to be meddled with, and you have the audacity to steal from one!?”
“Sire, I only had your best interests at heart.” Rena answered. “But if you are so afraid of them, then why did you lie for me when Famine was here?”
“Hmph…I do not fear them.” Lucifer growled.
“Not even…him?” Rena asked, smirking. A look crossed Lucifers face…a look that Rena was satisfied to see…was one of pure disdain. It was not fear so much as…discomfort.
“You mean Death, right? HA! Don’t make me laugh. I fear none of them, not even him.” Rena just smiled. She knew the truth though…and that was all she needed. “For your information, I lied to protect you because I know that YOU know where the ring is…and I want you to get it back. If we have a ring of one of the Horsemen, we can use it to our advantage. Even if it is only Famine, possessing some form of leverage over him will allow us to bend a Horseman to our will!”
“You wish to CONTROL one of the Great Four?!” Rena asked in shock.
“Is that a problem?” Lucifer growled.
“Just that…what will the other 3 say when they learn of this? I doubt that they will sit idly by while their brother is under your control.” Rena explained. Lucifer waved this complaint aside.
“It doesn’t matter…soon everything in Heaven, Hell, and Earth will be under my command, even the Horsemen will kneel at my feet.” Lucifer grinned. He then looked at Rena and his grin widened. “I know your heart, Rena…”
“What?” She asked.
“Deep down, you secretly loathe me. You feel a hatred for me that you can’t seem to shake. You don’t even know why you hate me so much, but you do…you do and it’s killing you inside, isn’t it?”
“My King…I…I don’t…”
“You’ve never been like my other Generals…blindly doing whatever I tell them. You have a bit of attitude in you Wrath…but I like that. It makes you unpredictable.” His grin vanished and was replaced by snarl. “But be warned, my general…you serve me, and disloyalty will be severly punished…and you will beg me to end your life before I finish with you. Now you have your orders. You are to find Famine’s ring…you are to bring it back to me…and you are to return to your duties. Events are moving fast, and the time for my arrival is nearing.” Rena bowed and turned to leave, desperately wanting to escape from this monster before her.
“As you wish, my King.”
“Oh and…before you go, just one more thing.” Lucifer called out. Rena stopped in her tracks to listen.
“Speaking of the Great 4…Death is on the move again. He’s become personally involved with some mortal. This hasn’t happened in a millennia, and the fact that it’s happening now, only a few months before my return is very unsettling. Find out why he’s suddenly active again, and put a stop to it. Kill the mortal if you have to.”
“And…if I encounter…the Horseman?”
“That’s not my concern, now is it?” Lucifer sneered. “Now go!” Rena bowed again and hurried from the room. A million thoughts began spinning around in her head. Lucifer was furious. His plan to rule the world early was clear to everyone in Hell, and apparently God knew about it too and was mobilizing Death himself to deal with it…but why send the Horseman to consort with a mortal? What good would that do? And worse yet…what if Anti or herself got caught in the crossfires?!

“MOM!” Suddenly Rena saw a boy running to her. He had dark hair and a wild look about him…and she smiled upon seeing him. He was like her son, and yet…he was so different from her in every way.
“Hey Kage, nice work in getting the ring for me.”
“No problem! Did your plan work?” He asked.
“Like a charm…although I had to lead Famine off my trail. He’s run off to go find his ring…but I gotta find it first and give it to Satan.” She explained.
“Man, things were a lot simpler when we just did small jobs. Now you’re dealing with freaking Horsemen? Even I know this is risky, Mom.” Kage grumbled. “Take my advice…just run away.”
“It’s not the right time yet.” Rena argued. In truth, she could run away at anytime…she had the means to…but Kage was the reason she couldn’t it was that red thread around his arm. It wasn’t a chain…but it held the same weight and meaning. The bond that held him under the control of Satan and the 6 other Generals. As long as he was their puppet, she couldn’t bare to leave him behind. “I’ll leave when I’m ready…and I’ll take you with me.”
“But where are you going now?” Kage asked.
“To get back Famine’s ring…and to do some spying on the mortal Death has taken interest in. I just hope he doesn’t harm me for spying on this mortal.” Rena sighed.
“If he tries, I’ll kick his sorry ass across Hell!” Kage assured her. Rena laughed.
“You? Take on Death? Oh Kage, you make a terrible comedian.” Rena patted his head and walked away from Kage to teleport to Earth. Kage grinned that sweet smile that melted Rena’s heart…and with a tear filled blink she vanished to the human world to begin her mission.
DW chapter 3
This chapter introduces another on of the Horsemen, Famine as well as another character. Gee I wonder whatever happened to Famine's ring. Hehehehehehehe >3

This chapter was planned by both me and Cliff :icongabrielraven:
Written part: Cliff
Drawing part: Me

DW (c) :iconheuring:
Kage (c) :iconthe-exiled-draco:
She was surrounded by suffering. Anti merely sat in her small room, gazing out the window. The view itself wasn’t so bad because it had been altered in a manner that she couldn’t see what was truly out there…but she knew. Somehow Anti could look out through the illusion and see the horror behind it.
People always ask what Hell would look like…but Anti did know. She knew all too well. Because beyond that window was Hell itself. Not in the figurative sense either…it was the real deal. It was truly Hell. Anti hated it…though it was her home…she hated it with a passion.

Anti was the daughter of Lucifer…the Devil. Anti was named so because she was destined to become the antichrist one day. But Anti had no intention or desire of following through with this plan. She’d heard about all the failed attempts too. That little organization of laboratory experiments who had all been spliced with demon DNA to try and create the first antichrist…but all had been lacking. All had failed…except her. The only one with blood from Lucifer himself. She was the one vessel chosen to carry the will of her father to the world of men…to rain death and destruction upon the creation of God.
“Why me?” Anti muttered desperately.
“Because that’s the way it is.” Was the answer she would always get. That answer wasn’t enough though. It didn’t cut it. Anti wanted more. She wanted to really LIVE…she didn’t want to destroy…she wanted to create! She had to believe that there was a place for her out there. That thought alone was enough to make her smile…but now her smile was replaced with bitter tears. The time was drawing near now.
Lucifer had been more active than ever…and Hell was buzzing with the sound of preparation. Soon, Lucifer would begin the ceremony and remove any of her kindness…empathy…and love. He would crush what little humanity she had within her and replace it with his malice and the demonic rage that dwelled deep within her. When this happened, all hope she had for a better life…and all hope that the Earth had…would be gone. She had begged and pleaded with her father to let her leave…to choose a new vessel. But he would merely laugh his cruel laugh and wave her tears away…like everyone else.
“I want to live.” She whispered out loud to the illusion outside her window.

*knock knock*

“Come in.” Anti muttered, not fully caring who it was that entered. The door opened, but Anti didn’t turn to see it.
“Anti, come with me.” Anti gasped and spun around. Standing in the doorway was a very familiar figure. She was young, with long light blueish hair and blue eyes. She looked nervous…which was concerning as Rena almost never looked nervous. She had her teeth gritted in frustration and her hand was rested against the door.
“Rena?” Anti gasped.
“We don’t have a lot of time, Anti…we need to get you out of here. The other generals are on their way. They’re onto me.” Rena growled.
“Onto you?” Anti asked, “What are you talking about?” Rena was one of the 7 Generals of Hell. The 7 chosen warriors handpicked to lead Hell’s armies to take over the mortal realm. Rena was the General of Wrath. Though she’d never really been a team player, she had never gone against them before. What would they be “onto her” about?
“There isn’t time! Anti let’s get going!” Rena rushed forward and grabbed Anti’s hand, yanking her away from her bed. Anti suddenly noticed in Rena’s hand was a silver ring with a large black jewel on it. It was beautiful…and it seemed to radiate an odd power.
“What’s that ring?” Anti asked.
“It’s the Ring of Famine.” Rena answered shortly. Anti gasped in amazement.
“You mean the Horseman!? How did you get a Horseman’s ring!?”
“It’s a long story, and we really don’t have time for a game of 20 Questions, Anti. Now MOVE!” Anti fell silent and followed behind Rena as she ran faster through Anti’s small home. When they made it out of the door, Anti noticed that the world of Hell was acting…strange.

The sky which was usually a deep and ugly red with the blackest clouds that seemed to be made of flames itself were now spiraling in the air as if being drawn into a tempest. The flames that danced along the scorching earth were no longer dancing lazily but were now flaring like an angry volcano. The ground looked like it was ready to burst. Lucifer must be furious about something. But what could make him so angry?
“What’s got Lucifer so mad?” Anti asked, running alongside Rena.
“He went to Heaven to gloat before The Lord…and Death was there.”
“You mean the Horseman? But why did that upset him?” Anti asked.
“Because The Lord is already aware of Lucifer’s plan and is sending Death to act out a counterattack against him.” Rena said.
“Is that why we’re-”
“Listen to me Anti.” Rena stopped and grabbed Anti’s shoulders, staring at her. “Things are about to happen…things that are way above any of us. King Lucifer has…gone too far. He’s pushing destiny too fast, and now the weight of his actions are about to have consequences on everyone…and you don’t deserve to be in the center of it.”
“What are you doing?” Anti asked. Rena took of the Ring of Famine and pushed it on Anti’s finger.
“You’re going to escape this place…go to the human world. Make friends, find a life…do something with yourself besides sit here and wait to be Satan’s new plaything.” Rena hissed. “The Ring of Famine will allow you to travel there. When you’ve made it to the human world…throw the ring into a river or something so Famine won’t find you. He’s already furious that his ring is missing.”
“How did you even get it?” Anti asked.
“It’s a long story involving a certain young friend who is a bit too ambitious…but that’s not important right now. You need to go. NOW!” Rena gave her a shove forward.
“But I don’t know how to work it!” Anti complained.
“Just hold it out and the ring will do the rest! Now do it already!” Anti nodded and held out the ring on her hand and suddenly a black beam of power shot from the jewel and created a large hole that spun and swirled like some kind of black hole. “Go through and you’ll be in the human world!” Rena shouted.
“But what about you?” Anti asked. Rena shook her head and looked behind her.
“The other Generals are on their way…and they will track me to the ends of the earth if they have to. I’ll stay here and make your excuses. Just go before Satan himself finds you.” It was at that moment that Anti suddenly realized that Rena was no longer referring to her father as King Lucifer or Lord Lucifer…but rather she was calling him Satan…a name he loathed for it did not reflect the magnificence he desired.
“You are calling my father-”
“By Satan?” Rena laughed. “Well…a time is coming where I won’t be under his control anymore…I don’t know when it will be, but trust me, Anti…he is no longer my master.”
“Will I see you again?” Anti asked.
“Turning against Satan is the same as a death sentence…so I’m probably shortening my lifespan by turning on him…” Rena muttered. She then turned and noticed the sadness and desperation in Anti’s face. “But it won’t be anytime soon. We’ll see each other again.” She said.
Anti threw herself into a hug with Rena and the two embraced for a long moment.

“Now go, Anti…get out of here.” Rena ordered. Anti let go of Rena and ran into the portal, leading her out of Hell and into the world of the mortals. As Rena watched the portal close, she heard the rumbling of large creatures. She looked behind her and saw the other Generals riding towards her, atop beasts of most horrid origin. They were like large tigers, but their fur was black and grotesque with scars, giant gashes, and sunken skin. They were the chosen mounts of the Generals. In the lead was Hecate, followed closely by Zephar.
“What are you doing out here, Rena!?” Hecate barked.
“My business is my own.” Rena defended. Hecate was the General of Envy, and like her title implied, she was easily jealous of the position of others, including Rena.
“Look, we found her…can we go back now?” Aku grumbled, following up behind them.
“Spoken like the true General of Sloth.” Zephar laughed.
“All of you SHUT UP!” Hecate barked.
“Who died and made you boss?” Zephar asked snidely. Though he was the General of Pride, and he was very full of himself, Zephar knew better than to piss off Hecate. As soon as he said the words, he backed up quick.
“For those of you shitheads who can’t figure it out, Lord Lucifer has returned, and he’s outraged over our enemies successes.”
“Well isn’t that just so sad?” Rena asked. “Poor Satan…someone pissed in his beer mug and now he’s throwing a hissy fit…THAT’S new.”
“Careful Rena…” Hecate hissed, concern in her face. “Talk like that is near treason.”
“Oh lay off of her.” Myo cooed. She climbed off her beast and leaned against it seductively. She couldn’t help but show herself off, being the General of Lust. “The dear girl is probably just frustrated…after all, it’s no secret that she’s never seen eye to eye with our King.”
“You’re right, Myo.” Rena growled, walking around them. “Now if you’ll excuse me…I have things to do.”
“Rena...” Hecate muttered. “Look, you and I have known each other a long time. I like to…ya know…think of us as friends. I want to tell you as a friend to please not upset King Lucifer.”
“Hecate, I appreciate the concern, but I’m a big girl and can take care of myself.” Rena answered.
“When did you become such a sentimental, Hecate?” Aku smirked.
“Shut it!” She hissed at him. She then turned back to Rena.
“I don’t want to become your enemy, Rena. Please don’t push us to that end.”
“I hope it doesn’t come to that either.” Rena said, honestly. “But...”
“Um guys…something’s wrong with the twins and Rin!” Everyone turned to look at the twins, Yumi and Yuki. Both were the Generals of Gluttony. They were arguing and fighting each other over their mounts like immature children, while Rin, the little General of Greed was trying to snatch at Myo’s dress, as if wanting to rip it away.
“What’s wrong with you three!?” Hecate snapped. “Control yourselves!” Rena suddenly smirked and turned to walk away. Only one force could make the twins and Rin both go crazy like that. A force that intensified the feelings of greed, gluttony, desire, and want. A force that made you feel like you needed more…and more. The power of a certain angry Horseman.
“I’d get going if I were you…Famine is on his way. And he’s pretty pissed I’d say.” The Generals all stared in shock.
“The Horseman?! What’s he doing in Hell!? Quick, let’s get out of here!” Aku shouted. The entire group turned on their mounts, which let out loud roars and growls and took off in the opposite direction, fearing the wrath and anger of the Horseman, Famine. Rena didn’t stick around either…knowing Famine, he’d be here soon, and she didn’t want to be here when he did.
“Please be safe, Anti.” She muttered, before running off into the pits of Hell.
DW chapter 2
In this chapter we introduce the character, Anti, the Antichrist. Looking out into the world of Hell, wondering if she'll ever be able ot leave the Dark Inferno, until....she gets an unexpected visitor that will help her escape.

This chapter is planned by both me and Cliff :icongabrielraven:
Written part: Cliff
Drawing part: Me
Ive had a few people leave me notes to request written stories and had to tell them I dont write so in each chapter of DW I will place this in the description so people will understand that. Not being mean, but i doubt my writing is good enough for people to read.

DW (c) :iconheuring:

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