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Hey just want to let everyone know that after so long I decided to open commissions up again....yay! This time Im not using points im gonna be doing cash so paypal only.

Chibi $5
Waist-up $10
Fullbody $15
Cover art or something like that $25
Additional characters will be $5

Backgrounds will be transparent (except cover art)

When you want to make an order please send me a note with what you want, character description, etc(character sheets and refernces would actually be REALLY helpful). Again PAYPAL ONLY. Also I will not start on your commission until I have recieved payment once I do I will begin the rough sketch and later note it to you for your approval before finalizing it.

Paypal: Commissions stamp by Cute-StampsCommissions - Open by SweetDukeRequests - Friends Only by SweetDuke
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Still trying to get this art stuff right >3<


She walked down the street, her heart carefree…her mind at ease. She was not afraid and she was not uneasy. She had no reason to be, because today would be like any other Monday for her. She would walk to the store, buy groceries with the money she’d worked hard to earn. She’d go home, relax, and watch tv like anyone else her age. She’d gossip on the phone with all her friends and giggle about boys like any other girl. Yes, this was the normal life and the daily routine. Heuring was a simple girl with simple needs.

“Bullshit.” Heuring muttered.

The truth was that Heuring was not a simple girl and she’d always known it. There had always been something odd about her. What was odd about her? Was it her appearance? No, she looked normal enough. Was it her personality? Perhaps, but this also was unlikely as one could simply label her as just a bit reclusive or quiet. Was it her family? That couldn’t be it either…she had none seeing as her dad died a long time ago and she didn’t even know who her mother was. So just what was so strange about this otherwise simple girl?
Who knows?
It’s one of the many questions that puzzles Heuring day and night. Heuring wanted a normal life, and she worked hard to have it. She lived in an apartment and cooked and cleaned. She worked a 9 to 4 job at a local market…she just wanted normalcy. Yet there was just this feeling inside her that she wasn’t normal at all…this sense of difference that set her apart from the common girl. What it was, she was unsure of…but it was enough that it made her both excited…and worried.
She tried to push these thoughts from her mind as she walked into the grocery store. The apartment she lived in was small and plain, and she often tried to eat all her meals at home so that she wouldn’t have to waist money on eating out. With that in mind, she also realized that it was vital she keep a steady supply of food handy. Once or twice a week she went to the store to buy produce and meats.

“Hey Allen, how’ve ya been?” Heuring asked, absentmindedly as she walked in to grab the shopping cart. Allen was a greeter at the store and was always very friendly with Heuring.
“Hey, you’re early today.” He laughed. “I didn’t think I’d see you for another hour or two.”
“Yeah well, thought I’d mix it up today.” Heuring smirked. She walked in and began picking stuff out of isles and bins. Her cart was getting more and more full. She turned to head back toward the front, when she noticed something strange. In front of her were at least 5 men wearing all black and ski masks.
“What’s going on over there?” Heuring asked as she walked a little closer. Suddenly they all pulled out semi automatic guns and shot them into the air!

“EVERYONE DOWN NOW!” One of the men screamed. Everyone in the store dropped to the ground with shrieks of terror. Heuring started to drop as well, but stumbled accidentally tripping over her cart. She winced, praying that it wouldn’t draw the attention of the shooters. Luckily, they didn’t seem to notice. They were glaring at the cashier near the doors.
“FILL UP THIS BAG! FILL IT DAMN YOU!” The ring leader roared. The woman began to cry and shakily filled the bag with money from the register. “HURRY BITCH!”
“Boss, we have 5 minutes.” One of the shooters shouted. “We need t-” Suddenly his voice stopped and there was a crash.
“Greg?!” The leader shouted. “Greg what happened!?”
“WHAT THE HELL?!” The leader suddenly swung the bag aside and began scanning the room. “WHO KILLED HIM!? WHO HAD THE GODDAMN BALLS!?”
“He just dropped dead! He just…he just freaking dropped de-AAAAAH!”
“MARK!” Heuring dared to look up and saw the last three shooters running to another shooter who just dropped like a flie beying swatted. What was going on? Were the shooters really just dying without any reason? Whatever was going on, it was giving her the chance to sneak out. She slowly began crawling to the door, abandoning her cart.
“This is not good man…this is not good!”
“PEOPLE DON’T JUST DIE! WHO THE HE-” Heuring dared to look up and watched as suddenly the shooter who was talking just stop in midsentence and collapse like a sack of potatoes.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING!?” The fear in their voice was apparent. Heuring was starting to get afraid too. She had to get away.
“YOU! YOU’RE DOING THIS!?” One of the shooters ran at her and grabbed Heuring’s leg and yanked her backwards. With a shriek, Heuring fell over and tried to kick him away. “You’re gonna die you freaking little bi-” Heuring suddenly saw the slightest movement…the smallest brush as if a visible breeze were washing over him, and the shooters eyes glazed over…he fell to the ground.
“No…no! NO!”


Heuring felt a sharp pain in her chest and she fell to the earth, face and chest covered in red blood. Her eyes grew heavy…her mind slowly started to grow dark…and her world faded to black.

“It’s okay, child…open your eyes.” Heuring did as the voice ordered and she looked around. She was in a completely white room with no colors or visuals to help her identify her location. What was this place? Standing in the corner of the room was a young boy about her age, wearing a dark cloak and a sword strapped to his side. He had his arms crossed and he was gazing at her.
“Where am I?” She asked. “Am I dead?”
“Not quite.” The boy replied. “Forgive me…but I had to allow you to be put in this state.”
“State?!” Heuring asked. “What are you talking about?!”
“You are on the edge of Death…your physical body is currently nonfunctioning…we are in a state of soul communication. I have made a connection to your soul and that is how we are speaking now.”
“Who the hell are you?!” Heuring ordered. “Stop talking this nonsense and tell me who the hell you are!”
“I am Death.” The boy answered. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Heuring.”

“Wait…what?!” Heuring gasped, unsure whether what she heard was correct or not. “Did you say you were…Death?”
“Would you prefer the Angel of Death? Grim Reaper? Soul Carrier? Hades? Shinigami? That last one has such a nice ring to it.” He answered, almost bored. “I can’t say I like the concept of a ‘grim reaper’ though…makes me out to be some kind of monster.”
“Stop screwing with me!” Heuring snapped. “Who are you really, and where the hell am I?” Death looked at her calmly and sighed, rubbing his head as if he had a headache.
“Who I am…is the Angel of Death. I think I said that already, dear. Second of all, where you are is a hard question to answer.”
“Prove it!” Heuring hissed. “Prove you’re really THE Angel of Death.” Death tapped his chin and nodded.
“Your father died at exactly 3:47 AM Eastern Standard Time, on August 18th of 1998. He was caught in the middle of a crossfire, off of West Avenue where two sides of a gang war were fighting with fire arms. It was a bullet to the lower heart that finished him, as well as internal bleeding. You were still only 3 at the time of his passing, and were not there to see it.” Death answered. His detail was superb…spot on. He didn’t miss a beat. Heuring almost fell to her knees in stunned amazement at Death’s answer. There was no question. Only someone how had seen her father die would know all of this.
“Wh-what do you want?”
“I’m not here for your soul, Heuring. Believe me, if I was, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’d be holding you in my arms, and I’d be carrying your soul off to the next life.”
“So there IS a next life?” Heuring asked, desperate for answers. “Is my dad there?”
“Not my department.” Death answered gruffly. “My job is to carry the souls and make sure people are taken at their time. I’m not in charge of who goes where. That’s left to the Big Man.”
“Wow…I had no idea.” Heuring admitted. “So, where am I then? What happened in the store?” Death smirked a little at this.
“Those who use me and wield me against others…often are very afraid of when I exert my own will against them.” Death smiled. “All I did was walk past those fools…I guess my presence was a little too…overwhelming for them.”
“They…they died, just by you brushing past them?”
“Call it a ‘brush with Death.’ Besides, I needed to get you alone.” Death said. “You asked me earlier where you are. Well…you could almost call this a sort of limbo. Your physical body is dead. No pulse…no heartbeat…no air in your lungs. All of your functions have been shut down. However, I have neglected to remove your soul. You are a soul trapped in a useless shell of a body. Your soul is what is communicating with me now. You could say…we’re communicating within your own soul.” Heuring looked around at the blank room oddly, not sure what to make of it.
“This is what a soul looks like?”
“Oh heavens no…this is just what your interpreting it as. It could be anything your heart desired it to be…but let’s not play with that concept for now. We have very important business to discuss, Heuring…and maintaining this connection is not an easy feat.” Death stood up from his seat and walked toward Heuring.
“So what did you want my help with?” Heuring asked.
“How much…do you know about Lucifer?” Death asked.

“Not much.” Heuring admitted. “He’s the devil right? The ultimate bad guy?”
“Heh…He’s a spoiled and impatient little brat who’s been throwing a temper tantrum in Hell ever since he was tossed out of Heaven.” Death snarled. “He’s been a constant annoyance for a long time…but he’s about to go too far.”
“Why, what’s he doing?”
“He intends to bring about an early apocalypse.” Death spat. Heuring just stood in shock.
“The Apocalypse?”
“He’s tired of waiting for his 15 mintues of fame, so he plans to bring it early. He’s going to kill millions…trillions of people. He will try to destroy all God created.”
“Then why doesn’t God stop him?” Heuring asked.
“God could easily erase Satan and his plans…but this isn’t His way of handling things. God plans to use the very thing Satan wishes to destroy to stop him. Heuring…God has chosen you to help stop Satans plans.”
“ME!?” Heuring squeaked. “Whoa now! Let’s not get crazy. I’m no prophet or warrior. I’m just a girl…an orphan. I don’t have any gifts or strengths.”
“Oh don’t get the wrong idea here…you’re not alone in this. God has selected others who will play a role in this, but you are one of them. You have gifts…you have all you need to succeed. Remember that your strength comes from The Lord…not yourself. When you realize this…you’ll be amazed at what you can do.” Death assured her with a small grin. His face was glowing slightly…was that the angel side of him showing? It made Heuring feel really warm inside, and she nodded back without thinking.
“I…I guess it’s worth a shot. I’m probably dreaming anyway. But…you’ll help too right?” She asked.
“Yes. Now that your soul has met and welcomed me in like this, you are now able to see me in the mortal realm. We can communicate as you normally would. Speaking of which…I think it’s time I returned your body back into working order. I wish you luck, Heuring…I shall contact you soon.” Death turned to leave the room, but Heuring quickly leaped forward and grabbed his arm.
“Wait…one more thing please.”
“I…I never knew my mother...did you come for her or is she…still out there somewhere?” Heuring asked. Death raised an eyebrow at her question and looked away from her.
“I’m afraid…I can’t answer that question. It’s not my place.”
“Why not?” Heuring asked.
“Our time is up. I’ll contact you soon, Heuring. Until then.” There was suddenly a flash of light and the world grew too bright to make out anything. It was like staring into the sun. Heuring shut her eyes tight, certainly blind now…until slowly she felt an odd sensation in her chest…a pain.

“Kid, stay still and stay calm.”
“Huh?” Heuring looked up to see police and paramedics standing over her.
“You shouldn’t be alive kid…that gunshot hit you right above the heart.”
“Oh…oh right.” Heuring muttered, now certain that none of this was a dream and that what she’d seen was frighteningly real.
“You must have a guardian angel looking out for you.” The police officer joked. Heuring looked down at her wound…and as she looked at the doorway, she could have sworn she saw a little boy wearing a white hoodie walk out. He had the most familiar eyes…and a soft smile on his face that made his whole face glow gently.
“Yeah…I guess so.”
DW chapter 1
Here is the 1st chapter of Divine Warfare. The story picks up to introduce the character Heuring, and her encounter with a powerful being who will tell her of the events that are to occur.
Again I will remind you all this story is a teamwork effort by both me and Cliff, :icongabrielraven: We both do the planning, he does the writing, I do the drawing. Most of this wouldn't have been possible without his help.  Originally I wasn't going to post this till the end of this month (much like chapter 0) but.......I kinda just said what the hell. Enjoy ^^

Heuring (c) :iconheuring:
Death (c) :icongabrielraven:

Written (c) :icongabrielraven:
Rest day by Heuring
Rest day
I actually had this picture done before my 300 one, but since I couldn't post it (because it would defeat the purpose) I had to wait till I was done with the other one. I love Briana's design as well as her personality, she is just soo incredible. For those of you who dont know or remember her, Briana is a character from my comic Divine Warfare. It's really weird to see how she was original in Divine Warfare (originally was called Demoned Soul but was changed for obvious reasons). Yeah..............really happy with her change. Very happy ^^ But when her introduction comes I hope you all will love her too.

Briana (c) :iconheuring:
See what I did there? Eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy-for those of you who didn't get it, this picture is my 300th deviation on this account. and since it's the 300th one i found it appropriate to draw Heuring as a Spartan warrior from the movie 300. Yeah I know they didn't have spartan women in armor, USE YOUR IMAGINATION!! But yeah, after 6 years I finally got to 300. I kinda want to give myself a pat on the back *pats myself on the back* that felt amazing....XD
He entered the gates of Heaven. Death stared around him, his eyes lost to the indescribable sights. Being in Heaven, Death was now in his angel form…a teenager with a sword at his side. His armor was upon his body now and his glorious wings were folded to his side. No beauty imaginable could begin to compare to what Death stood in now. As an angel of the most high, this was his home, despite rarely having the chance to visit it due to constant needs on Earth. However, he had been called…and when an angel is called before his maker…you don’t simply say no.
He walked along the golden streets, his hair blowing softly in his face and his body feeling wonderfully light. The world was alive with light…but not from any sun. Rather it was the light of God Himself who brought light to this domain. It was overwhelming and yet…comforting. How could one not feel the power and majesty that this light brought. It was this light that gave life its meaning…that gave life itself. Death smiled…it was impossible for him not to.

At last, he came before the throne of Him…The Lord waited within for him. He walked inside and there, seated on the throne, was The Lord, God Almighty. His light was too glorious to look upon. Death dropped to his knees and used his wings to shield his faith from the holy power of God.
“My Lord…you have summoned me?” Death said respectfully and with a slight tremble in his voice. Speaking to God is not a simple conversation…it is a sobering and terrifying experience.
“Welcome, Death.” He spoke. His voice was warm and beautiful. It sent waves of emotions through Death and it shook his very being. “It is good to see you again.”
“It is my honor and pleasure to be before you again.” Death replied.
“I regret to tell you, that I have not called you here with good tidings…rather I have a task I wish for you to complete.”
“Of course, My Lord! I am yours to command!” Death answered immediately, excited to be doing a task for the Lord.
“Lucifer intends to free himself…and he wishes to begin the apocalypse before the time I have determined.”
“You wish me to stop him?” Death asked, his hand clinching in a fist.

“Well, I’d certainly like to see you try.”

Death whirled around to see a most grotesque sight. Standing there was a hunched over beast, wearing a black and tattered cloack with a hood on to mask his face. He had dark and ugly wings that look sickened and worn, and he walked slowly and cautiously, knowing he was not welcome. His eyes were a deep pale and they were sunken in like a skeleton…truly and former glory that Lucifer had had been lost, for the creature that stood before Death now, who had once been the most glorious of all angels, now was a sunken and disgusting shell of his former self.
“Lucifer!” Death snarled. He leaped to his feet and prepared to draw his sword. “You are not welcome here you traitor!”
“Peace, my child.” The voice that spoke instantly calmed Death. This was a command…and the command practically made the peace truth. Death didn’t even need to think about lowering his sword…he did it as if it was now his nature to lower it. This was the power that the Lord’s very voice had. The voice that had spoken worlds into being. “He shall do no harm here.” Lucifer seemed to shiver at the voice, but he kept that sick smile on his face.
“Ah, how good it is to be home once again.”
“This is no longer your home, snake!” Death barked.
“Oh Death, how very rude of you!” Lucifer cried in mock pain. “Already with the insults? You make me feel so unwanted.” There was a sudden shift and both Lucifer and Death both turned. Death covered his face with his wing once more to shield his eyes and Lucifer was forced to hide behind his hood.
“Lucifer, you’ve come before me…as I knew you would.”
“Ah yes…then you surely must know why I’m here.” Lucifer hissed.
“I am.”
The three stood in the room together. God, Satan, and Death. Death wanted to cut down Lucifer, but knew that this was not the will of God. Lucifer stood with a sadistic and cold smile on his face. As for God…He seemed interested by Lucifer…almost like He was watching a movie He’d seen before.
“It’s time for me to begin my reign! To destroy that which You hold so dear, and to ascend to the throne I deserve.”
“I think the throne on which you sit is fitting enough for you.” Death snapped.
“Quiet, boy…the adults are talking.” Lucifer sneered. “Perhaps you should leave us so we can speak in peace.”
“I have called Death here, Lucifer. He is here on My command. You, however, have not been summoned. If anyone should leave, it is you.”
“Do not talk DOWN to me!” Lucifer snapped, standing up and leering. Death started to go to his sword, but there was a chuckle from God that made him stand down.
“Then speak to me, Lucifer. Tell me what it is you wish to say.”
“Fine. In just one year, the End shall begin.”
“No, Lucifer, it shall not.” When God spoke, the warmth there seemed to change slightly…like it was a command! Death stepped away and even Lucifer, shrank back some.
“Yes it WILL!” Lucifer whimpered. Death smirked. Lucifer sounded like a little brat trying hard to think of a clever retort, but coming up with nothing. “I WILL have control! I WILL destroy everything!”
“Lucifer, I know full well what you plan to do. I knew your plan before it even crossed your mind.”
“Well what good is seeing the future if you can’t do a damned thing about it!?” Lucifer roared. “Every pitiful blessing you bring to your children, I crush it! The Garden of Eden, Moses killing the Egyptian, David and Bathsheba, and even Judas turning on your own son! I am always a step ahead! I hold all the cards in my favor!” Death was ready to spring at Lucifer for his disrespect. However, the Lord spoke first. His voice was not angry…but it’s power was evident.
“For every plot you scheme, Lucifer, I have used it to my advantage. Through Moses’s banishment, I was able to reach him. Though David slept with Bathsheba, he repented and helped to spread the message of my forgiveness to others. And I believe you of all would recall that through Judas’s betrayal, my son conquered the grave. Just ask Death. You think you hold the cards in your favor…but I know the cards you play before you pull them, and you cannot triumph Lucifer. I only wish you would understand.”
Lucifer stood perfectly still, as if he had been struck. He shook his head for a moment and growled furiously.
“I will not be made a fool of by You…or anyone! Do your worst ‘almighty God.’” With that, he vanished as if had never been there. Death heard the Lord sigh and could practically visualize Him shaking his head.
“Still as impulsive and brash as ever. If he would only repent…I would forgive him.”
“Truly, my Lord?”
“Yes…but it shall never be. He is too stubborn and prideful, and that is his ultimate weakness.”
“I am sorry, my Lord.”
“Death, I have an important task for you to complete. You are to go to Earth and locate a girl named Heuring.”
“Of course.” Death did not ask the reason…for when God gives a command, the question of ‘why’ shouldn’t be asked.
“She is unique…I have created her for this purpose. She will be able to see you, and when you present yourself to her, you are to give her a message.” The Lord explained.
“As you wish, my Lord. What message shall I deliver?” Death asked. There was a long pause as Death waited for the response. As he waited, he suddenly felt the answer crawl into his mind…as if it had been there all along waiting for him to find it.
“My Lord, this is…”
“Shh…I’m not the one who’s supposed to get the message.” The Lord teased. Death laughed and bowed low to God.
“I shall deliver it as you command my Lord. I will not fail.”
“I know you won’t, Death. I know.” With that, Death took his leave. He vanished and flew to the human world, ready to deliver this special message intended for the mysterious and special girl, Heuring.
DW chapter 0
I have decided to post the written part of DW for all to read (since the comic version is a pain in the ass, IS STILL GOING but it is a pain). Before I start I will say this much. This project is made by BOTH me and Cliff, :icongabrielraven:. We both plan each chapters or so. He writes them (to help me out as a script to draw the pages) and I draw the pages out. This project was made possible through team work. I'm not gifted in writing ^^; but thanks to Cliff and many others DW has become the way it is now. Thank you to all, and please give my buddy Cliff some love by going to his account and check his stuff out. Its definitely worth your time. And now without further ado, I give you the beginning story of DW.

This chapter opens up to God calling Death to Heaven to discuss the events that is to occur as well and the appearance of Lucifer, King of Hell.

Written (c) :icongabrielraven:

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