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Hey just want to let everyone know that after so long I decided to open commissions up again....yay! This time Im not using points im gonna be doing cash so paypal only.

Chibi $5
Waist-up $10
Fullbody $15
Illustrations $25
Additional characters will be $5

Backgrounds will be transparent (except cover art)

When you want to make an order please send me a note with what you want, character description, etc(character sheets and refernces would actually be REALLY helpful). Again PAYPAL ONLY. Also I will not start on your commission until I have recieved payment once I do I will begin the rough sketch and later note it to you for your approval before finalizing it.

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Still trying to get this art stuff right >3<


War never changes by Heuring
War never changes
This is my first time ever posting art on fallout, but.........I kinda like how it turned out (though I still need to work on backgrounds). Two of the characters here are mine and Cliff's OC, Eve (on the left) and Kaiya (on the right). This is actually more of a cover art for a fallout story cliff is writing on his account based on our RP. Go and check it out and stuff. It's really good. I hope later on in the future I can post pics of these two more to give you guys an idea on what they look like and how they are. Till then, enjoy this pic and the story it's a cover art for.

Eve (c) :iconheuring:
Kaiya (c) :icongabrielraven:
Fallout (c) Bethesda
Dont you worry child by Heuring
Dont you worry child
Based on this song…, Cliff asked me to draw Katie dancing to this song and I agreed to do it. Katie is such a beautiful character, she's been through hell her whole life and even though she got out of it she still holds her fear. This picture, seeing her smile and dance like this, brought in that hope I have for her that one day she'll let go of her past and be able to move on.

I suggest you guys to read Monster Club if you want to know more of Katie as well as many other. Go read it!

Katie (c) :iconmikaandkuri:
Halloween 2015 pt. 3 by Heuring
Halloween 2015 pt. 3
Final part of the Halloween pic. In this one G and Marie are dressed up as Commander Shepard and Tali from Mass Effect. I will say this much............I REALLY DONT MISS drawing scifi freaking armor. I already hated drawing halo armor, this one was no exception.

Marie (c) :iconheuring:
G (c) :iconthe-vehicledestroyer:
Mass Effect (c) BioWare
Halloween 2015 pt. 2 by Heuring
Halloween 2015 pt. 2
Part 2 of the Halloween pic. In this one Anti and Kage are dressed up as Sally and Jack Skellington from TNBC. I got this one done quicker than the other one. yay. One more to do before this is complete

Anti (c) :iconheuring:
Kage (c) :iconthe-exiled-draco:
TNBC (c) Tim Burton
It is said that all warfare is based on deception. This was a good word to describe the horseman War. He sat upon a building top hovering just above Iran and he was smiling. A beautiful conflict was stirring under his watchful eye and it was just starting to get interesting. All it needed was a little push. But just as he was about to go down to aid in this beautiful masterpiece, War felt an uncanny presence…a presence that made him take pause.
“Death?” War turned around and saw him. He stood behind him in his earthly attire, a black jacket, pants, and boots…but the wings on his back radiated with the power of any of the heavenly host. War grimaced a little, certain that his older brother had come to put a stop to his fun.
“Hello little brother.” Death growled.
“What brings you out this way, Death?” War asked. “Another family dead? I understand you’ve been a bit behind on your schedule. You have a lot of ground to cover.”
“Let’s say I’m on a little vacation brother.” Death snapped. “But that vacation cannot last much longer. I must return to my duties…which is why I’ve come to you.”
“Me? What do you need me for?” War asked.
“I’m sure you’re aware that Lucifer has been on the move.”
“Yes, I’ve felt it.” War chuckled.
“The Lord has chosen a select group of young ones to put a stop to him…but two of them are green. They know nothing of combat and fighting. I want you to train them.” Death replied. War threw back his head and laughed.
“You want me to TRAIN these children!? Sorry, brother…but I am not a babysitter for your brats. I have things to do.”
“So do I, which is why I can’t do it myself. I will find a permanent trainer for them shortly, but they are in danger NOW…I need you to at least begin their training, War! When I find their new trainer, I will permit you to return to your normal duties.”
“And what will I get out of it?” War demanded. “This hardly seems worth my time. Why not get Famine or Pestilence to do it?”
“You know DAMN well why I won’t get either of them.” Death growled. War chuckled and smiled, adjusting his jacket.
“I’ll do it…but in return, I want you to look the other way in the Middle East for a while. Something very juicy is cooking here and I don’t want you interfering.” War smirked.
“I…fine.” Death gave in. “I’ll let you have your fun, but you MUST train those two. For a week at least.”
“Very well, dear brother…but I can’t guarantee they’ll be in one piece when I’m done.” War laughed. He stood up and walked past Death. A cold wind blew past the both of them as their energies collided. It was a bond that brothers shared…and it was a reminder of the status quo…that War had power, but Death was still his superior.
“Thank you, War.” Death whispered, tasting the bitter words as they escaped his lips.
“Sure. No problem.” War laughed. With the silent brush of power, Death felt War disappear and Death decided it was time to go hunting for a replacement tutor.
“Forgive me, Marie…Anti…. I know he’s not ideal, but War is experienced in combat. He’ll teach you well. But rest assured I will find someone else to help you. And I know where to look…perhaps Briana can help.” Death vanished in the blink of an eye to the hidden base of the organization known as The Exorcists.

The Exorcists, a small organization of professional demon and monster hunters. They had small base camps all over the world, but their primary base of operation was a small fortress hidden deep within a thick marshland. Few people dared to venture there for fear of the creatures and treacherous landscapes of the marsh, but this was why The Exorcists flourished here. The marshland was home to special minerals and tools that they could use to craft their weapons used for demon killing. Some of them even believed God designed it just for that purpose.
Two guards stood out front watching the marsh for signs of people when suddenly they saw a figure walking toward their camp. They drew their weapons, not recognizing the stranger…but then they saw his wings. The black jacket. And then they felt the unmistakable aura coming off of him. This had to be him! It was Death!
“DEATH!” One of the men cried. When his comrades heard him scream they ran to see what had caused the cry…and they laid their eyes on Death. Every one of them stepped back in fright.
“Wh-what are you doing here, Death!?” One of them asked in a shaky voice.
“Just calm down.” Death said calmly. “I’m not here for anyone’s soul or to pick a fight. I’m here to see an old friend. Where is Briana?” The man squeaked a little and nodded.
“I’ll take you to her!” He ran inside and Death followed, ignoring all the stares and the whispers around him. The frightened warrior ran to a large room and fell to his knees, his anxiety and nerves causing him to stumble.
“M-Miss Briana!” He cried. “It’s…it’s-”
“I know who it is, Jason.” She laughed. “I felt him come in.” Death walked past the terrified Jason and stood before Briana. She was in the middle of what looked like a training room. She turned and faced Death with a slight smile on her face of recognition. She had long brown hair that fell to her ankles and deep brown eyes like caramel chocolate. She was a rather beautiful woman in fact. She was wearing a white battle coat with a pair of black skin tight leather pants. She had a belt around her middle that held her rapier. Death grinned at the sight of her.
“Hello Briana.” Death said with a smile.
“Death, it’s been some time. You’re not here for my soul are you? I’m not really in a dying mood today.” She chuckled.
“Of course not. You’ve got quite a number of years left before you’re supposed to be on my list.”
“That’s comforting, old friend.” She laughed. “Come, have a drink with me.” She offered.
“I’m afraid I’m in a bit of a hurry, lives are at stake.” Death replied.
“Death, you know me well enough by now to know that I don’t take no for an answer.” Suddenly she spun around with lightning reflexes, her rapier out and headed right for Death’s chest. Death smirked and with a wave of his hand he knocked the blade aside and grinned.
“A good attempt. You’ve gotten faster.” He laughed.
“I knew it wouldn’t work…but I had to make sure you hadn’t gotten soft.”
“Briana, you know me well enough by now to know that I don’t get soft.” Death repeated her phrase back at her and Briana put away her rapier, walking with Death to the side of the training room. She picked up a water bottle and sucked on it for a moment before sighing and looking to Death once more.
“Okay Death, so what can I do for you today?”

“I’m sure you’re already well aware of Lucifers movements these last few months.” Death growled.
“Yeah, our spies have indicated heavy demon activity popping up all over the place. He’s planning something big, isn’t he?” Briana asked.
“Huge…apocalyptic in fact.” Briana nearly spit water all over the room when Death said that last word.
“APOCALYPTIC?! It’s not that time yet is it!?” She cried. “We’re not NEARLY ready enough for that.”
“No, it’s not the Lord’s time yet, but Lucifer is growing impatient and wants to start things up before it’s time. That’s why he needs to be stopped and put back in his cage.” Death said. “The Lord has chosen a select few young ones to fight back, but two of these young ones are inexperienced and need someone who can help them, train them, and fight alongside them. I need to borrow one of your warriors.” Death explained. Briana smiled.
“And you didn’t want to ask me? Oh Death, you hurt me so!” She moaned in mock disappointment.
“I couldn’t ask you because your place is here, Briana.” Death chuckled.
“Oh calm down, it’s a joke sweetie.” Briana laughed. “I’ll introduce you to my best warriors and you can take your pick.” Briana hit an intercom button.
“Would Johnny, G, Rachel, Morgan, and Asher come to training room B immediately?” Death watched as five young men and women came running in. All of them saw Death and did a double take, stiffening up and trying not to look intimidated. “These are the best I got…you can choose who you want.” Death walked towards them and looked them all over. Each was indeed strong, he could feel their power and their training glowing off of them like sun off of water. He passed by one and stopped. This one had another energy inside him! A very dark energy. He stared at the boy and gazed him over. This was not the work of man or heaven…but of hell.
“Who are you?” He asked.
“There’s no need to shout…and don’t call me sir.” Death answered.
“Sorry si-I mean sorry s….I don’t know what to-”
“Calm down G, it’s not a big deal.” Briana laughed. Death walked back to Briana and whispered in her ear.
“Tell me about that one?”
“G? About 20 years ago, Lucifer was trying to create the perfect vessel for himself so he could possess it and conquer the human realm. Gabrian was a failed experiment to cross human genetics with demonic power. He was tossed aside and found by me. His battle experience is unquestionable, but he doubts himself and fears his own power. Interested in him?”
“Very…” Death said. “He might be exactly what I’m looking for. Some time with Marie and Anti might help him o-”
“ANTI?” Briana gasped. “You didn’t tell me on of the two he was going to train was the spawn of Lucifer!”
“She’s not as bad as you think. She’s got a bit of an attitude, but she’s on our side.” Death assured her.
“Hmph…I dunno, Death.” She grumbled. “I have trouble believing the daughter of our enemy is our friend.”
“When I take G to meet them, you can come with us. You can judge her character yourself, if that will soothe your fears.” Death laughed.
“Who said I was afraid!?” Briana shouted defensively. Death smiled at her and then looked to G.
“Gabrian, is it?”
“Yes sir!” He shouted. Death smirked and decided to have a little fun. He folded his wings around him and removed them. In a mere change of thought, Death was now in the form of a young woman. The entire room, aside from Briana all gasped in shock.
“Am I still a sir to you?” She asked.
“N-no si-MA’AM!” Death folded his wings again and this time became a child.
“How about now?”
“N-no si-ma…….” Gabrian winced as he couldn’t think of how to address Death. Death laughed and folded his wings, returning to his young man form.
“Relax, I’m not that strict. You can just call me Death, alright?”
“Death, stop teasing my boys.” Briana whined, walking up next to death and putting a hand on his shoulder. “They’re just nervous to be around a big, strong, and powerful guy like you.” She leaned up and suddenly kissed Death’s cheek. Death’s face went red as a tomato and he leaped back.
“WH-WHAT ARE YOU DOING, BRIANA!?” Briana burst into laughter and hugged her sides.
“Oh you poor thing!” She laughed. “Have you never been kissed before!?”
“Of course I haven’t!” Death flushed, rubbing his cheek where she’d kissed him. The other soldiers tried hard not to laugh.
“Well if you’re a good boy maybe I’ll do it more often.” She winked. Death shook his head and tried to get rid of his own blush.
“You’re a real piece of work, Briana.” He muttered.
“And you wouldn’t have me any other way, would you?” She giggled.
“Probably not, no.” Death admitted. Briana walked past him and stood before G.
“Gabrian, you have been chosen to be a trainer to two rookies who Death has chosen to help fight Lucifer. Are you up for the task?”
“MA’AM YES MA’AM!” He shouted.
“Good, because I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. The rest of you are dismissed. G, you’re coming with us.” Death walked to the two of the and held out his hands.
“Take my hands and I’ll take you to Marie and Anti.” G hesitantly grabbed Death’s hand while Briana wrapped her arm around Death’s arm and grinned, making Death blush again.
“Wow, you really don’t get shown a lot of affection, do you?” Briana teased.
“Cut it out, Briana.” Death groaned. Just as he was about to teleport them both to see Marie and Anti, she planted one more kiss on his cheek.
“BRIANA!” He cried. And there was just enough time to hear her laugh one more time before the whirlwind took all three of them from the base and towards the two rookies.
DW chapter 6
Last update of the DW chapters.
In this chapter we get to meet yet another horseman, War. What a dashing devil. We also get to meet Briana and G from the Exorcist Organization as Death tries to find a new trainer for Marie and Anti.

Chapters are planned by both me and :icongabrielraven:
Written part :icongabrielraven:
Drawing part :iconheuring:

DW (c) :iconheuring:

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